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Why Savvy Chiropractors Are Taking Advantage of Our Free EMR Software Account

Running a successful chiropractic clinic has always required hard work and attention to detail, but it's more challenging now than it was a generation ago. Healthcare regulations have intensified and grown in number, and all insurers have exacting specifications for paying on claims. Many practices have switched at least some of their processes from manual to electronic, including the incorporation ...
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Streamlining Paperwork With Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records (EMR) are starting to become the norm throughout the United States, but it is more than just a federal law that has made this form of recordkeeping so popular. The medical industry has seen a persistent rise in the cost of doing business, which has put a spotlight on cost-saving measures that also offer more efficiency. By ...
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Your Practice Management Software Won’t Take a Vacation Even if You Do

Automation seems to be everywhere these days, and if you aren't taking advantage of automated tasks, you could be missing out. In many cases, however, the general public seems to have an apprehensive view on automated services. What's important to remember in this is that using medical automation technologies correctly is important, especially when you serve personal care industries. The ...
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4 Reasons to Get Chiropractic Billing Software

As more and more of the world continues to integrate with the Internet, it's more important than ever to ensure that your medical practice is doing so as well. Medical billing software, especially software based in the cloud, is quickly becoming the most advantageous option for doctors and other medical practices. Below are just a few of the many reasons: ...
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