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Chiropractic Billing Software, or Certified Soap Notes EMR


Chiropractic Billing, or Certified Soap Notes EMR



Per Provider
Per Provider
A. Cloud Based, HIPAA Secure, State-of-the-art FeaturesGet Started Now!
1.   No Contract, Month-to-Month, Just Sign Up and Get Started!
2.   One Cloud based System: Scheduling, Billing, EHR, Web Portal and KIOSKChoose EHR
or Billing Free
3.   ICD10 Operational: 5010, HIPAA, HITECH & OMNIBUS Compliant
4.   Choose Complete Medical Billing Software,OR Certified EHRChooseEHR
or Billing
Need Both?Add $49/mo!EHR, Billing,
w/Full Practice Mgmt
5.   Powerful, Flexible Patient Appointment Scheduler!
6.   No Setup Fee, No Monthly – Truly 100% FREE Software$69 Setup. ConfigEDI,
Text, eFax
$149 Setup.
Config EDI, Text, eFax
7.   No Intrusive Ads. No Potential Patient Privacy Violations
8.   You Own and Maintain Complete Control of Your Data. Export Upon Request
9.   Number of UsersOne User2 UsersUnlimited
10. Unlimited Electronic Commercial Claims25 Claims Mo.Unlimited
11. Unlimited Electronic Commercial ERA and Auto PostingUnlimited
12. Unlimited Electronic Non Commercial ERA and Auto Posting100 Claims and ERAsUnlimited
13. Unlimited Real-time Eligibility Verification .24ea
14. File Electronic Secondary Claims100 per Mo.
15. Unlimited Print Paper Claims25 Claims Mo.
16. Unlimited Print Patient Statements25 per Mo.
17. Unlimited Text Message Appointment Reminders75 messagesUnlimited
18. Non-Commercial Claims Clearinghouse Enrollment – RelayHealth (e.g. Medicare, BC/BS, Tri-Care & Railroad)$95 OT$95 OT
B. Access, Security, Backup and Storage
1.   Works on Tablet, iPad, Desktop and Laptop
2.   Works on Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux
3.   Works on IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others
4.   Secure Data Backup: Incremental (Every 5 Minutes), Full (Daily).
5.   Enterprise Class Systems: LINUX, APACHE, ORACLE, JAVA, Web 2.0
C. Maintenance, Release, Updates and Support
1.   All Maintenance, Releases, and Updates
2.   Step-by-Step Free Video Instruction
3.   Free Training via Live Webinar
4.   Comprehensive User Guide
5.   Unlimited Email & Instant Chat Support
6.   Unlimited Telephone Support
D. Front Office – Appointment Scheduler – Key Features
1.   Double, Triple Book. User Definable Time Slots
2.   Instantly Search for Patients or Appointment Times
3.   360 Degree Patient Financial View
4.   Patient Kiosk – Self Check-in.  (hardware not included) Setup $195 OT$39/mo.
5.   Enter Payments and Copays from Appointment Calendar.
6.   Set Recurring Appointments
7.   Customize Appointment Color by Type and Length
8.   View Scheduler by Day, Week, Month
9.   Comprehensive Patient Ledger and Demographics
10. Scan and Upload Documents: Insurance Cards, Driver’s license
11. Print Patient’s Future Appointments
12. Upload Patient’s Picture
13. View Appointment Hx
E. ICD10 Features
1.   ICD9, ICD10 Dual Mode Billing Software
2.   Print New ICD10 Dual Mode CMS 1500 Claim Form
3.   ICD10: Code up to 12 Diagnoses
4.   Instant ICD10 lookup for ICD9 codes (GEM Crossover)
5.   ICD10 Claim Validator3
6.   ICD10 Super-Bill Convertor3
F. Claim Management & Financial Reporting
1.   Pre-Billing Charges Report (Review Charges Before Transmitting)
2.   Automatically Push Charges to Billing From EHR!Opt-in
3   Encounter Activities Report (All Charges in Detail)
4.   Deposit Report – End of Day Reconciliation
5.   Payment & Adjustment Activity Report
6.   Summary A/R by Payer
7.   Detailed A/R by Payer
8.   Summary A/R by Patient/Guarantor
9.   Practice Financial Summary (Charges, Payments, Adjustments)
10. Patient Financial Summary by Referring Physician
11. Cash Practice Analytical Reporting
G. Clinical Office: Key Features
1.   Soap Note EMR Specifically Designed for Chiropractors
2.   Chiro friendly Charting – Resembles Paper Charting 25 Encounters Mo.
3.   Copy Last Note, Modify, and Save!
4.   Comprehensive Encounter Sheets: Initial, Daily and Final Eval
5.   Health Information Exchange Gateway Connection
6.   Outstanding Documents – Dictate, Type, Point and Click
7.   Continuity of Care Reporting and Documentation.
8.   Easily Export Superbills for Remote Biller
H. Clinical Reporting
1.   Incomplete Notes Reporting
2.   Pending Notes Report
3.   Stimulus Incentive Meaningful Use Dashboard
4.   Real-time Meaningful Use Alerts
I. Billing Office: Key Features
1.   Manage Multiple Cases: Self-Pay, PI, WC, and MVA
2.   Connectivity to National Payer Base of Over 1600 Payers
3.   Instant Repeat Billing
4.   Unlimited Insurance Contracts / Fee Schedules
5.   Charges on Hold (Charges Queued that Require Attention)
6.   Aging Claims Sorted by Insurance
7.   Aging Receivables by Patient
8.   Payment & Adjustment Posting
J. Premium Front Office Features
1.   Multiple Offices , Multiple Tax IDs, and Multiple NPIs
2.   Single Sign-on Across Multiple Offices and Multiple Legal Entities
3.   Inter Office Communication – Unifies Entire Practice
4.   Generate Custom Mail-Merge Letters & Forms
5.   Employee Time-card and Payroll Report
6.   Resources and Equipment Scheduling
7.   Scan and Upload Assignment Forms, Intake Forms, Registration Forms
8.   Fraud Prevention: Front Office Payments & Superbill Reconciliation Reporting.
9.   Text Message / Email Notification for Missed, Cancelled Appts.
10. Scheduling Alerts. Patient Balance Alerts. Authorization Alerts
11. Track Visits Used and Visits Remaining
12. Track Patient Referral Source
13. Auto Generate Recall Letters
14. Create and Print Custom Labels
15. User Level Productivity Monitoring
K. Premium Billing Office Features
1.   Flexible Month-End Financial Close (4 Types of Closes to Choose From)
2.   Powerful Collections and Denials Workbench
3.   Low Reimbursement Alerts and Reporting
4.   Unbilled Visits Report (Reconcile Visits to Superbills = Unbilled Charges)
5.   Month End Reconciliation Report by User
6.   Drill Down Revenue and Financial Dashboard Reporting
7.   Cash Flow Blocker Indicators
8.   View Financial Health of Entire Practice At-a-Glance
9.   Patient Payment Plan and Installment Billing
10. Pre-Collections Management 
11. Send PI, WC, and MVA Claims ElectronicallyOpt-in
*Mo – Prices are Per Provider Per Month *  PU – Per User, PP – Per Provider, PM – Per Month, OT – One Time
1. Pricing does not include taxes where applicable.
2. CLIENT is sole OWNER of all CLIENT DATA, and FreeCHIRO is only SECURELY HOSTING  the data on CLIENT’S behalf.
3. To be released when final validation rules are released from CMS.
4. Pricing does not include any applicable taxes.
5. Provider means Rendering Providers.
6. Special pricing available for large multi-provider practices

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