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Chiropractic Billing Software Training

Chiropractic Billing Software Training


Scheduled WEBINAR Training Sessions:

ICD-10 Billing Webinar


The Webinar covers the following:

  • Overview of the ICD-10 Lookup screen.
  • How to set up your ICD-10 codes for billing.
  • Searching an ICD-10 code on the Charge screen.
  • ICD-9 to 10 GEM cross walk feature.
  • Completing an ICD-10 claim.
  • Claims Rule validation to prevent submission of an invalid ICD-10 diagnosis claim.
  • Q & A.

Please Note: The webinar does not cover how to code an ICD-10 claim.The webinar provides training on the system tools that you can use to effectively set up your ICD-10 codes and their entry.

EHR-Training-Webinar1Advanced EHR Training 

For those who have already attended the basic training, FreeCHIRO offers Advanced Webinar Training on the use of its SOAP software:

Mondays 2:30 PM EST (click here!)

Session – I (30 Minutes)

I. The different ways of saving a chart
II. Using the document management section
III. Advanced template customization (creating your own encounter sheets)
IV. Using reminders and alerts

Session – II (10 Minutes) : Q&A

Billing-Training-Webinar1Basic Billing Training

Billing Training is offered at various times throughout the week by Webinar. Please select the time that works best for you.

Every Thursday 1:00 PM EST

Section I  – (50 Minutes)
1. Application Overview
2. Entering Insurance
3. Entering Patients
4. Entering Charges
5. Print Claims
6. Submit electronic claims
7. Handling Ins./Cash cases.
8. Tracking Visits and Authorization
9. Overview of Appointment Scheduler

Section II – (10 Minutes):
Question & Answer

Billing-Training-Webinar1Advanced Billing Training

Advanced Billing Training is offered at various times throughout the week by Webinar. Please select the time that works best for you.

Alternate Fridays:  at 1:00 PM EST

Section I – (40 Minutes)

The Webinar will contain the following:
1. Creating billing alerts
2. Add a Contracted fee schedule
3. Add a Self Pay fee schedule
4. Setup a Procedure Group
5. Add a copayment/patient payment and apply from Enter Charges screen.
6. Create an insurance payment and applying the payment
7. Denial Posting
8. ERA Posting
9. Payment Reversals
10. Generating multiple patient statements

Section II – (10 Minutes) :


Free Webinar on Meaningful Use Stage IIFree Webinar on Meaningful Use Stage II

In this webinar, our experts will help walk you through on how to meet Meaningful Use Stage II using freechiro Certified EHR. A full year of MU is required for 2015. This webinar will help you understand and prepare your practice to earn Stage II incentive payment.

Tuesdays and Fridays at 11AM – 12PM PST

The webinar is divided into three sections:

  • Overview of Stage II requirements – 15 Mins
  • How to meet the requirements using FreeCHIRO – 30 Mins
  • Q & A – 15 Mins

Basic EHR Training – By Video

1. The video covers the following topics:
Running a patient through a visit with focus on meaningful use

  • Adding a patient
  • Scheduling a patient
  • Creating a SOAP note

2. Meaningful Use Report

Advanced EHR Training – By Video

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