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How and Why FreeCHIRO is Free

How and Why FreeCHIRO is Free

FreeCHIRO offers three editions: Free, Plus, and Premium!

Our Free Edition is a COMPREHENSIVE  and COMPLETE Chiropractic Billing System that replaces Medisoft, Lytec, or Kareo (guaranteed). Optionally, you may choose our ONC-Certified EHR which qualifies  for the Stimulus Incentive. Even though it’s free, you still get the money.

Our first Practice Management System was released January, 2005. Today 7,000 health professionals, ranging from Solo Practitioners to Medical Centers like NYUMC, use our software to operate their practices, with each individual enjoying their own tailored experience, unique to them, customized by themselves. When you log in to our Cloud-Based System to work, you see only what you want and need to see, nothing more. And EVERYTHING you need to see is there.

Our Free Edition is a perfect way to work cost-free with a unified system that grows with you every step of the way; with State-of-the-Art Cloud Computing that is feature rich, comprehensive, and that comes with all the traning and support required by you and your staff to master the software.

FreeCHIRO is a single comprehensive suite to automate your entire practice. One system,  one database, from one company. And the best thing is that every essential required to bill your claims, or document your patient encounters is offered totally 100% Free.


100% Free CERTIFIED Chiropractic EHR Our Free Version Replaces Medisoft, Lytec, and Karel

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