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Chosen by Over 6,000 Chiropractic Physicians, and +18,000 Office Staff

– Our EHR is 100% Free, and 100% Meaningful-Use Certified.
– Our Free billing software is guaranteed to replace the paid version of any billing software.

Chiropractic Billing Software

  • – SCMS-1500 Billing Software
  • – Specifically for Chiropractic Billing
  • – 5010 Compliant. HIPAA Compliant
  • – Bill Cash, MVA, WC, PI. & All Payers
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Chiropractic EMR Software

  • – ONC-ATCB Certified EMR
  • – The Look and Feel of Paper Charting
  • – Built in Encounter Sheets
  • – Totally Customizable By You (DIY)
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Chiropractic Software!

  • – The Most Advanced Software
  • – Specifically for Chiropractors
  • – Provided Totally 100% Free
  • – Billing & Certified Chiropractic EMR
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Take 10 Minutes to look over

Take 10 Minutes to look overTake 10 Minutes to look over the most POWERFUL CHIROPRACTIC SOFTWARE you may ever see. Evaluate our cutting-edge chiropractic billing software in just minutes! Set your practice up and create a claim in under five minutes! Created especially for Chiropractors, our software contains EVERYTHING required to bill out your insurance claims or to chart your patient’s Eval and Progress notes: And it’s provided 100% Free (evaluate our Chiropractic EMR).

Our FREE State of the Art Chiropractic Software is ONC-ATCB Certified, which means it already qualifies for Medicare’s Chiropractic EMR Stimulus Incentive!


HOW IT WORKSThe free version of our software is a single user edition that is offered completely free of charge to all Chiropractic Physicians and students. You’ll find that our Free Version is COMPLETE and contains everything required to manage claims for ALL PAYERS, or run a cash practice, and our Free EMR is ONC-Certified — Even though it’s free, it still qualifies you for the Stimulus Incentive! Choose between our Chiropractic Billing software or our Chiropractic SOAP NOTES EMR, and use them permanently free of charge.



NO INTRUSIVE ADSSome Free EMR‘s make their money by displaying advertisements within the EMR software. Effectively they are selling the doctor’s private patient data to Ad Agencies. (That’s how an ad-server works. It reads the words on a page and then decides which advertisements are targeted to that page. Unfortunately, in this case, the page they’re reading is a patient’s unprotected medical record). At FreeChiro there are no advertisements to cause potential patient privacy violations. We don’t rely on selling your patient data to Ad Agencies to make our business grow. We make money the old fashion way, we earn it, by servicing large groups and institutions, and by providing High Value opt-in Practice Management features that return a proven ROI for your practice. It makes us happy to offer our awesome software – 100% Free – to solo practitioners. We think it’s about time they got a break. Don’t you?


Our free chiropractic billing software allows for ample paper claims, and ample ELECTRONIC COMMERCIAL CLAIMS each month. “Commercial claims” are private insurance claims or non-government payers (examples of government payers would be Medicare and State Medicaid and BC/BS).

The good news is that an above average amount of Chiropractic charges are private insurance (commercial), and so they fall within the allotment of free electronic claims . If at any point you need to upgrade, add a user, or expand the use of the system to meet your growing needs; doing so is easy and affordable (starting at $69 per month per doc); and our powerful Premium Edition – a fully integrated end-to-end Practice Management, EMR & Billing – is available at just $149/mo. per doc. (see premium edition).

GET SET FREE TODAY!Sign up now for a totally free chiropractic billing software account, or a totally free Chiropractic SOAP NOTES EMR account. It’s easy to do and takes just 3 minutes. Evaluate and decide for yourself whether this is not the most advanced Chiropractic software you’ve ever seen.

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