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About Us


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about-usFreeCHIRO is a Silicon Valley based Technology Company whose top management and Advisory Team possesses 75+ years of software development experience, half of this specifically within the Health Care Industry, the majority of it in both medical billing and clinical EMR software as a service.

Our Values

To create a culture of passionate support and customer service where both our Support Staff and our Clients experience being valued and appreciated, to the point where they feel that without us, their lives would be less fulfilling.

Our Philosophy

To code great software; To listen to our users; To provide awesome support – and Free is better!

Our Vision is be the ubiquitous medical billing software in the U.S.

Our Mission is to deliver a 100% Free Medical Billing Software that is tailored specifically to the needs of the Chiropractic Community while providing awesome support and a flawless user experience.

whyitsfreeEventually someone had to offer a medical billing software that was100% free; we decided it was time.

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